3 out of 4 pant buttons ranking

Snapshot of Basis for Ranking:

menu options – menu is creative, simple and has a balanced variety of choices with GREAT prices

quality of food – free range beef, fresh ingredients (just wasn’t quite as good as normal this time)

presentation– plates looked great and were HOT

end to end experience/ value and service – we were instantly acknowledged and seated right away, drinks came in 2 minutes, ordering was easy (deciding wasn’t), prices were VERY reasonable (less than $10) and Adam was a 4 button server (even though he was tall and lean)

The Story behind the 3 Button Ranking

Stir crazy from being trapped indoors due to heavy rains  in Charlotte, we decided to escape NoDa and head to our rival neighborhood – Plaza Midwood.  The Kickstand was discovered after going to Loco Lime for Taco Tuesday.  We  instantly loved The Kickstand because it was close to home, affordable and absolutely DELICIOUS.  It had me at “hello” after I ordered my first MORNING RIDE (Burger topped with a fried egg, bacon, American cheese, and hollandaise sauce served on an English muffin $8.95) with combo tots (sweet potato tater tots and regular tater tots with maple syrup dipping).  Fast forward to a few months later and Kickstand has become a go-to favorite. You can ALWAYS count on a juicy burger, friendly service and consistently great sweet (but not too sweet tea) tea.

Great option for those on a SERIOUS Diet

Trying to be somewhat responsible for my ever climbing cholesterol, I decided a salad would be a good option.  The bleu burger salad sounded like the right choice when I was reviewing the menu and feeling my gut, but the minute it landed I felt instant regret. I looked across to Doug salivate the minute his southern style burger landed and I looked next to me at the steaming hot grilled cheese sandwiches covering thick angus beef.  A “salad!?!?!” what the hell was I thinking?  I bit into my fresh field greens mixed with corn relish, cherry tomatoes, red onions, crispy bacon and chopped walnuts tossed with creamy horseradish vinaigrette topped with a burger patty with melted Gorgonzola crumbles and gradually came to the conclusion that I had made a good (not right) choice ($8.95).  Anyway, even though I stole a few of my neighbor’s fries and the salad was great, I would recommend ALWAYS going full force and getting a burger (unless you go there everyday – then maybe mix in the salad now and again) when you go to Kickstand.

The person next to me ordered THE HUNGOVER CYCLIST something I have always wanted –  the ULTIMATE  hamburger smashed between not ONE BUT TWO grilled cheese sandwiches.  Everyone, meet tall, skinny Connor who can eat whatever he wants.  See the empty plate with about six fries left on it?  This is what was on it….

grilled cheese hamburgersBurger and tomato sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. $7.50 and worth every single penny.  Connor didn’t think the tomato added anything to his sandwich and would prefer it without. I definitely would’ve substituted the tomato for a slab or two of bacon (who needs a diet!?!?!) There is something SPECIAL about the french fries at The Kickstand. Doug (the guy pictured below with the kid psychotically staring at the back of his head – yup, that arm is the kid’s Mom pulling him away).  For some reason, the child was obsessed with Doug (who is known for growling at children – seriously).

Doug Childzilla

What is that you say?  What is that thing on the stick that looks like corn (look below the hand – see it)?

Gourmet Corn on the Cob with special magic seasoning grilled to perfection

Doug got a southern style burger without a tomato and chose the “gourmet” corn on the cob as his side. Another SIGNATURE dish at the K-Stand is the corn. It is SERIOUSLY delicious and should be ordered your first or second time.  I know, it is just corn (how can it be gourmet? is it worth giving up the tots? – all valid questions).

Since this is your first time meeting Doug, you should know that he is really prissy and doesn’t like things unless they are perfect. I warned the waiter (Adam – he was great) that if the burger came out with a tomato there would be hell to pay.  Doug enjoys getting annoyed by servers and saying uncomfortable things to them.  Adam did a wonderful job keeping Doug’s tea full and Doug didn’t get any corn in his mustache (which he normally does). He gave his entire eating experience a 3 out of 4 buttons as well – he said his burger just wasn’t quite what it normally was.

All in all – the visit to The Kickstand was well worth it and met our expectations.  Doug however, was hoping Adam would pay the bill (he didn’t).

Who will pay this bill?

Join us at the Asian Market just past the bombed out parking lot on Sugar Creek NEXT WEEK!

Next week, we will be reviewing the delicious Vietnamese sandwich shop (all sandwiches are $3.00!?!) in the bombed out looking Asian Market off of Sugar Creek behind NoDa (on your way to Highway 85).   

4 thoughts on “Loosen up your belts, it’s time to GUT going at THE KICKSTAND

  1. Sounds absolutely scrumptious. I see Doug has not changed much over the years! It’s good to have some things that you can count on.

  2. i noticed your statement about your cholesterol climbing…we have a nutritional supplement that is proven to lower cholesterol naturally while raising your HDL. these are real people with real results…let me know if you’re interested!

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