Snapshot of Basis for Ranking:
menu options – menu is simple and has unbelievable prices. I still can’t believe how FRESH & CHEAP the sandwiches are!
quality of food – fresh ingredients, the bread is unreal, the vegetables are perfect
presentation– sandwich has perfect balance of meat, veggies and baguette
end to end experience/ value and service – we were instantly acknowledged, the most challenging part is ordering (the menu helps with GREAT visuals of the sandwiches)

Wow. GutCharlotte just gave a place a 4 button ranking.  It must be pretty good. Right?  Damn straight it is.  I know, I know. This review is a week overdue and we are just getting started, but trust us, you want to hit this place. CHECKOUT FINE FOODS (UPDATED AS WELL). With this beautiful weather, this is the place to go for a refreshing, light lunch or dinner.  You will leave Le’s Sandwich shop with a smile on your face. How do you get there you ask? It won’t be an easy ride, but it will be a ride well worth it if you can overcome the challenge of finding the deli.
If you are using GPS enter Le’s Sandwich & Cafe 520 N Tryon St # 41 Charlotte, NC 28213-6934 – (704) 921-7498. The parking lot looks like a meteor hit it and bounced a few times. Don’t be scared, keep going! You are about to discover a delicious hidden gem (seriously). Tell yourself, “an unbelievable delicious baguette sandwich will be in hand soon”. For my fellow Noda people, turn left on Sugar Creek (if you are coming from North Davidson Street) and take a right at the stoplight . If you see Compare Foods at the intersection of North Tryon and Sugar Creek, you have gone too far (but that is okay, turn right onto North Tryon and take your very first right). Read the picture captions and follow along…

Bombed out parking lot to Heaven

We made it through the lot and pull up to Asian Mall #2

Entrance is at the second Asian Mall after Family Dollar & Flava Fashion

Le's Menu (pictures and numbers) LOVE IT!


.  .  

Lucien ordering the Meatball Sandwich. I ordered first and was SAD to see they were out of rice cakes (MUST ORDER THEM WHEN YOU ARE THERE! They are unreal and only $1.50)

It will take a minute to make your sandwich, so head down the mall to get a $1 Savory Sweet Hot Bun at Hong Kong BBQ.

Hong Kong Buns YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM $1 Dollar - choose Hot Dog, Curry, Coconut, Red Bean. We got one of each and devoured ours while we walked back to pickup our sandwiches.

Pickled vegetables slightly sweet (carrots,green peppers, parsley, HOT PEPPERS, onions) and beneath the veggies is the perfectly BBQ'd pork thinly sliced so that EACH bit is the perfect blend of deliciousness.

Everyone, please meet my brother-in-law Lucien (looking annoyed that I am taking his picture, but he LOVED his meatball sandwich).

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