Snapshot of Basis for  3 button ranking:

Jack Beagles – 3213 N Davidson St Charlotte, NC 28205

menu options – menu is simple, great prices
quality of food –oh my, how we love their texas toast and grits (made in a unique way – fluffy), eggs are right
presentation– hearty breakfast food on a plate, presentation isn’t anything over the top
end to end experience/ value and service – server was great, drinks were always full, food came out pipin’ hot in a reasonable amount of time, restaurant itself has a fun vibe that fits the hood
What would have made this a four button?  We want breakfast available 24 hours a  day or on the menu at all times. The actual physical menu is on a single piece of black/white paper and kind of tough to read. Call us high maintenance, but we like menus with some creativity and color.  We get it that it may be part of the “personality” they are aiming for, but reading breakfast descriptions should make your mouth salivate.  We need MORE BACON on the menu and in dishes.  We need belgian waffles (with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit and vermont maple syrup). 

$2 mimosas on Sunday – every time we go, we ask for one and they remind us that you can’t drink before noon (damnit) and then we are so full we don’t want to wait until noon so we leave without one.

Doug and I like to dream about possibilities in NoDa (like having a Farmers Market on that big open piece of land after you pass Amelies, putting art of some kind on everything in NoDa and not having strict city rules about it, having StreetFood as part of gallery crawl nights,  etc etc).  One recurring dream has been having a 24 hour diner in the neighborhood.  Somehow, rumors started and we heard that Jack Beagles was going to be a 24 hour diner.  When it opened, we were disappointed that it was another bar.  THEN, we heard that they served breakfast and that it was GOOD (but only on Saturdays and Sundays – we will take what we can get).  Doug went once without me and swore he would never return.  In a moment of starving desperation, I conned him into giving it another try.  WE ARE SO GLAD WE DID!!!

We think that the word hasn’t gotten out that a) Jack Beagles kicks ass and b)the breakfast is super, SUper. Any place that is named after the owner’s dog, has got to be a relatively decent place (because the owner is obviously great)?

The Menu-sorry the pic isn't great...

Connor excitedly waiting to order..

Doug excitedly waiting to order...

We ran into Enemy2Fashion.com Goddess (Caleb)

Tough to see, but Caleb and I had a cellphone pic snapoff (I won, of course). Everyone at both tables was enjoying us continually take pictures throughout the meal. He & Joey woke up much earlier, so they got there first. It was actually an unplanned run-in. I probably would have still worn my sweatpants had I known they would be there.

A typical NoDa family - Zander (left), Caleb (back center), Joey (next to Zander) and little Jonah (you can barely see him on the highchair. Those kids are SO GREAT (we don't know where they get it from).

MMM. Doug is PLEASED. Bacon, eggs, toast..potatoes (not grits). Sweet Tea was full the entire meal. Jack Beagles has officially won him over again.

I ordered standard breakfast (not typical for me, but felt right) sunny-side up eggs, bacon, toast, grits and unlimited black coffee (okay, NOT great, but okay).

Connor likes his scrambled (eggs that is). We need to start bringing some more interesting people to eat with us - we all ordered the same thing. How lame...

A zoom in on the eggs (scrambled, but not really). There is room for improvement here.

At this point, Joey & Caleb have finished their meal (the kids loved their chocolate chip pancakes!!!) and the cameraphone duel is long over. It is now time for Caleb to leave with his tail between his legs and admit defeat. Doesn't Joey look VERY annoyed? Mission accomplished.

All in all – if you want a really GREAT breakfast, but nothing super over the top tell everyone you know, we recommend Jack Beagles.  If you live in the neighborhood, it has THE BEST breakfast (by far).  We also think the food continually gets better and better. We have officially been there three Sundays in a row (maybe it is a new form of religion for us). I will gladly stand by that statement.

Special thanks to www.enemy2fashion.com founder Caleb for not agreeing to let us showcase him on our blog.

3 thoughts on “Thank you to Jack Beagles for making our GUTs dance on weekends (no, they aren’t a dance club)

  1. Personally, I don’t mind the simple black & white styling of the menu. I just wish they hadn’t printed it so…blurry. Oh…wait….uh, nevermind.

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