Snapshot for the basis of the 0.5 button  ranking:

Ru San’s, 2440 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

menu options – menu offers every single kind of sushi you could ever want (correct me if I am wrong)
quality of food –horrible – cold edamame that was overcooked, miso soup was horrible and the sushi was NOT FRESH! unacceptable.
presentation– plates looked sloppy and rushed
end to end experience/ value and service – the best part of the experience was being immediately  served and our server’s personality
What would have made this a four button?  If your speciality is sushi, you better have  GREAT sushi.  Have you ever gone to a pizza place that had BAD pizza?  Same applies here – if sushi is your bread/butter, do it right, EVERY time.  The service was okay, but the food was so bad that I will never return.  Ironically, I had been once before at lunch and I thought it was really great.  There are too many restaurants in Charlotte to waste time and money on waiting for them to get it right.
The best part about the Ru San’s experience was being immediately greeted and seated.

Ru San's outside view

The Unreadable Menu – it is becoming part of GUTcharlotte at this point to have a picture of the menu that is unreadable.

Rainbow Tuna Sushi

Edamame & Sashimi


Tuna Sashimi


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