Snapshot for the basis of the 3 button  ranking:

Intermezzo Pizzeria, 1427 East 10th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204

menu options – menu offers Serbian food and pizzas
quality of food –delicious! fresh! you can take their mozzarella cheese home with you to cook with
presentation– perfect pizza – skimped a bit on the toppings though (I tasted two sun-dried tomatoes in my multiple slices, NOT ENOUGH!!!)
end to end experience/ value and service – Doug & I walked in, went straight to the bar and walked out (not much of an experience). It was takeout – so we can’t really comment. this is the first 100.0 Sanitation rating I have ever seen in Charlotte.  it was pretty amazing!
What would have made this a four button?  More toppings on the pie.  That is all we would have needed.  For $16.95, you can be generous with your mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.    We will return to try appetizers and Serbian food at another time, once we get back to a normal schedule!
It has been a very exciting few days and I apologize for the lack of content last week.  I was visiting my newlywed brother in NYC and celebrated the grand opening of Cloudberry Creative.  I also ate really great food and my cell phone was always dead (so no reviews).  I returned home on Sunday and picked up my new puppy!!! Very exciting – Olive “BO” Kona (BO is short for Black Olive) is her official name.  She is 11.5 weeks old and she was adopted from the Humane Society. 

Olive (I know, I know, you don't care, but come on). The Humane Society has a LOT of puppies and kittens right now that need homes.

I also had my car detailed by a hardworking guy in my neighborhood named Bernard – he charges $50 to do a full detail (inside and out) and my car looks BRAND NEW.  If it wasn’t dark out, I would take a picture.  I have had three friends comment on it already (and typically, ANY car-related comments are NEVER good)  My car has chronic coffee stains everywhere and tends to be an additional storage unit.  Bernard can be reached at 704.819.0811.  He is honest, reliable and I am not gaining anything by telling you about him! It is just nice to support a hard-working guy who is new to the area.

Furiously driving to pick up our pizza - Doug's truck was also detailed by Bernard.

So close, yet so far away - walk in and hit the bar to collect the goods.


MMMM Pomodoro Diversi - Large $16.95 (sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella, romano cheese)


As we leave, we notice our FIRST 100.0 Sanitation Ranking - we didn't even know this was possible. We can devour each slice with pride and confidence!

Doug loves their crust – I like mine a bit more crispy! Til next time…

One thought on “GUT’s First 100 & a Nice Monday Night “I am too lazy to cook quick & easy” Takeout

  1. I love reading your posts, Em. I think this is such a great idea!! It is really clear that you have a great sense of humour!

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