Snapshot for the basis of the 4 button ranking:

Panaderia Odalys, 6301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28213

menu options – we had absolutely no clue what we chose from the cases.
quality of food – you could eat off the floor (the place was so clean). next time we will have to check the sanitation ranking – we assume 100. Every single pastry we had (yup, we had multiples) was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!
presentation– neatly displayed in pastry cases (other pastry cases had bedazzled flip flops and bags for sale as well – weird, yet delightful)
end to end experience/ value and service – Any Spanish I learned in high school has been forgotten. The woman working behind the counter didn’t speak a lick of english, but we were perfectly fine being dangerous and trying new things!
Craving Suarez Donuts, yet knowing it was closed, I had the bright idea of taking Doug on a magical journey down North Tryon Street to see if a mexican bakery we had been eyeing for months was open.  It WAS open and it surpassed all of our expectations.
If you want a delicious treat that doesn’t break your bank, stop by the panaderia.  You will be glad you did!  We did not try the cake,but it looked delicious.  We also noticed they have two pounds of queso for $8.  I will be picking some up this week on my way home from work.  Arriva!

Cake and Queso - we will be back for the Queso (on the top left). Queso is only $8 for 2 lbs!?!?!



GUTastic - on the top right - see the cherry turnoveresque pastry? I got one and it was delicious. I would recommend the balls of dough over it, but it was truly delightful!

MMMMMM - Doug got the custard filled bread (third one from the top). He LOVED it (so did I - he actually shared a bite). The custard was sweet, but not too sweet. The bread was soft. It was simple and wonderful.

See the cinnamon-sugar balls of dough on the top right? Those were THE best not too sugary donutlike pastry I have ever head. In the center, there is a slight pineapple glaze that is out of this world!

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