Snapshot for the basis of the 3 button ranking:

sunflour baking company, 2001 East 7th Street, CharlotteNC 28205

menu options – upon learning it was a baking company, not a bakery, we decided it was okay that they didn’t have donuts & pastries. The menu was very simple, yet good. I LOVE counterculture coffee – it is fresh, delicious and is a great company They offer it at sunflour!
quality of food –seemed fresh, looked fresh
presentation– nothing overly exciting
end to end experience/ value and service – quick, easy & nothing overly personable
What would have made this a four button?  Better prices, offering donuts/pastries, better prices, a more warm/homey feeling when you walk in, more people buzzing around (it was empty). Did I say better prices?

Special thanks to my bro-in-law. I ran into him on a 7am morning walk today and he mentioned that a NEW bakery had just opened in Plaza Midwood.  Fast forward to me stuck in a chair at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. I had a lot of time to think and I couldn’t stop imagining what could be at this NEW bakery. It was almost as though my GUT took control of my brain and said drive the extra mile to the bakery, you deserve it.  Well, after the visit, I damn well deserved it and my teeth were screaming for coffee!

The sunflour baking company is NOT next to Visart and it is not a bakery by any means. It is in the plaza on the opposite side of 7th (turn left before 7th street if you are coming from P.Midwood). For all of you self-proclaimed  editors, sunflour baking company is all lowercase – so I don’t want to hear any comments about atrocious content errors.

I parked on two wheels burning rubber. I was GUTin excited!

Clean, raw vibe. Not the warm, welcoming bakery I had in mind...more of a modern twist. I get it, maybe the old fashioned in me wants a little more warmth in the decor. I also wasn't hit with an instant smell of enticing tasty goodness. I feel like Glade should invent a plug-in for that...

Oh me oh my.! Greeted by cupcakes…me likey. Cup Cakes are $3.00 EACH!?!?!  What the…I mean, yes, they are pretty, but come on now.

Most tempting item - Quiche. A whopping $5.45!?!?

Okay, double chocolate croissant sounds fantastically wonderful. A look at the price ($3.45) triggered a sanity check call to Doug...The 2012 rumor about the world ending is becoming more and more realistic these days or else I am just getting older. When did it become acceptable for baked goods to cost this much!??! We are in the middle of a recession and our GUTs need little experiences like this to keep is going. A call to Doug triggered a "Well, WOW!?!? that much!?!? Hmm...I mean I guess we could try one."

What else do they have? Cinnamon Roll ($2.95), Muffins ($2.85), Hazelnut orange roll ($3.20), Vanilla sugar roll ($3.20), Plain croissant ($2.85), Almond croissant ($3.45), Cookies (???)

Hmm. They sell cakes that need to be ordered 72 hours in advance and cost $60.00 for a 10 inch round. Anyone who prices a cake for $60 deserves to have the cake smashed in their face. We don't care how great it is. This is Charlotte, not Manhattan, not LA, Charlotte and pricing cakes like we are a metropolitan city will not make us one (phew, I feel better now). RIDICULOUS!

The prices here are absolutely insane. I buy a cup of Counter Culture Coffee (my FAVORITE) and buy two double chocolate croissants. My grand total is $9.72. I feel cheated, bitter and vow to never return as I walk out the door. We need to start a revolution against these ridiculous prices that everybody seems to think is okay except me. How can we as consumers fight against this insanity?

I pull up to Doug's house and he immediately bolts out of the house. I toss his double chocolate croissant out through the sunroof. We both take a bite - hot diggity damn that is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD croissant.

Regardless of how delicious the chocolate croissant was, I will NOT return out of sheer principle.  I thought Amelie’s French Bakery was a total ripoff, this is ALMOST as bad.  If you happen to be wealthy, have a great expense account or you are willing to pay anything for great food, then I recommend getting a double chocolate croissant. Also, drop me an email, I will give you my number and you can bring me with you to sunflour anytime you want someone to support you indulging.  It was truly delicious and makes Amelie’s Bakery look like Denny’s.

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