Snapshot for the basis of the 3 button ranking:

Pinky’s Westside Grill, 1600 W Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28208, 704.332.0402

menu options – my heart jumped when I opened the menu. i refuse to go to the penguin after everything that happened, so i was excited to support one of the owners with this new restaurant.  the menu is better than the penguin ever was!  the crab hushpuppies get 4 buttons. GREAT prices.

quality of food –delicious! fast! gut-ilating!

presentation-simple, enticing, mouth-watering

end to end experience/ value and service – it is refreshing to walk into a place, be seated and have a drink in 2 minutes.  that is a big thing for me when i experience a new restaurant.  the no frills, no BS service style with lots of teamwork at Pinky’s is both refreshing and fascinating to watch & experience.

What would have made this a four button?  An UNBELIEVABLY delicious sandwich or dessert.  I think if I go there a few times, there is a STRONG potential for me to find something that will make this a four.  Everything was spot on, but I don’t feel like I have a duty to share my sandwich experience with strangers in the grocery line. I found a REALLY good drink menu that included coffee-infused drinks.  I will definitely be going back to try these drinks and more from the menu.!

Friends from Minnesota had just arrived in Charlotte (my brother-in-law successfully recruited them to move to NoDa).  It was one of those 100 degree+humidity kinda days – we had been furiously junk shopping for four hours straight.  We were starving, ready for a break.  Caleb Clark had told me about Pinky’s for a while (which is why a sense of urgency didn’t exist – pshh…its just Caleb, he is okay eating dog food).  We happened to be in that neck of the woods, so we stopped.  SO GLAD we did!

There were only a handful of parking spots in front of the restaurant, but there was a parking lot across the street that had tons of parking.

Welcome to Pinky's.... *courtesy of Pinky's website.

This is what the inside looks like - our booth is to the right of the guy at the bar (see the wood?). *courtesy of Pinky's website.

I was unsuccessful at getting my usual pic of the outside. Sorry..We were IMMEDIATELY seated in a booth. .Imagine super comfortable wooden booths, funky colored falls covered in crazy signs and lots of tattoos.

You may remember Connor from my Jack Beagles review (or not). Either way - Connor graciously holds up the menu for the money shot.


A slightly better menu shot..after MUCH debate - I decided on the Kinda Fried Turkey which consisted of herb coated turkey breast on a big bun, topped with melted provolone, bacon, basil, tomato & garlic-parmesan spread all for $6.50. But oh wait, crab hush puppies? Um yeah, we need that for the table. Please note there is a section in the menu called Weiner Wonderland. I would love to shake this menu writers hand and thank them for shaking things up. Although a bit juvenile, it is refreshing to encounter a menu with a sense of humor.

Connor, his lovely girlfriend Alyssa and our AWESOME server - can you see the look of hunger in their eyes? They are READY for crab hushpippies AND fried pickles. Elvis is also with us, but he keeps avoiding the camera.

The fried pickles have landed...see that almost smile?

We reach the point where we think staring at the food window will somehow make the food appear (sadly, is has ONLY been 3 minutes since we ordered). We are rather impatient. I never noticed the dinosaur behind the pig on the top right of the picture today. Haha. That is really funny. I wonder which server was responsible for that....

Fried Pickles arrive - everybody puts their heads down and digs in... MMMMMM and more importantly (tucked behind the pickles) CRAB HUSHPUPPIES. I had NEVER had crab hushpuppies before in my life and I don't know if I will ever go back (to regular hushpuppies that is). They were truly GUT-licious. I recommend immediately ordering the crab puppies the first time you hit Pinky's. My those are truly special - the texture was spot on and the crab added the perfect amount of interesting flavor to the hushpuppy hardness & grit.

Alyssa bites into her chicken and waffles and burns her mouth.

Connor explored Weiner Land and it definitely won't be his last. He got a southern dog - flattop grilled topped with mustard, chili, slaw and onion $2.95. He gave it two dirty thumbs up.

This is a better view of the chicken and waffles...Alyssa said it was okay, not super great, but okay.

Elvis got the Green Chile Pork Sandwich - marinated pork grilled with pineapple slices, melted swiss cheese, arugula and jamaican ($5.75). Elvis really loved his sandwich

With lots of focus & diligence, we managed to get a VERY excellent picture of Elvis enjoying his sandwich. Thanks for snapping this shot Connor/Alyssa. Too bad the picture is so teeny tiny....

As we fought off food comas, we noticed a menu behind the bar that intermittently changed colors! It was REALLY cool. Am I the only person who has never seen such boards before?

Color board color change..



Remember that drink menu I mentioned at the beginning of the review? If I hadn't been SO FULL of hushpuppies and turkey, I definitely would have tried one of their coffee cocktails. Anyone who knows me, associates me with my ridiculous love and addiction to coffee. Drink menu is not available on their website. If any of you go to Pinky's, please order one and let me know what you think!

MMMMMMMMMM...DRINKS.....YUMMY DRINKS...it is too bad it was only 2pm and if I HAD ordered a drink, I could have REALLY overspent at the Value Village down the street.....

Okay, if any of you are asking yourself, “Where is the picture of the turkey sandwich”?  That is going to forever be a mystery.  The picture taken was unable to be uploaded.  It is actually quite sad.  Congratulations if you even remembered I had mentioned the turkey sandwich earlier. The turkey sandwich was good, but not over the top great. The turkey didn’t have a LOT of flavor and nothing jumped out at me.

All in All – Pinky’s will definitely be a staple when Doug returns, so expect another review on this in the future.  If you want a quick, cheap, good place to eat – Pinky’s is your place!  It ii just off 77 and very easy to find.

5 thoughts on “Pinky’s Westside Grill – GUT THUMBS Up

  1. We love Pinky’s.It has a great menu and the service is just incredible. Occasionally the music is a little loud for some of us. But I say, so what? Shut up and eat!

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