Snapshot for the basis of the 2 button ranking:

Lulu, 1911 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 Directions  Brunch 11am-3pm

Menu options –at first glance, it doesn’t feel like a brunch menu because it has salads & sandwiches.

quality of food – everything looked good, Doug’as burger tasted good, my dish looked good (but it didn’t actually taste that good).  i would need to go again to truly gage the food quality.

presentation– we sat at the bar, so we watched every plate come flying out of the kitchen.  everything had a really nice, down-home appearance. it was like slowly being tortured as we waited the 55 minutes to receive our food.  yup, 55 minutes.

end to end experience/ value and service – we had a really great server named Rachel. she kept our coffee cups VERY full and the coffee was FRESH FRESH FRESH. she also checked in regularly, trying to appease our impatience as we waited forever for our food.

What would have made this a four button?  if the coffee had been ready right when we sat down – we had to wait 5 minutes for a fresh pot to brew.. we waited 55 minutes to get our food AFTER we ordered.  from where we were sitting, we could see across the entire restaurant.  throughout our wait, i watched the impatience and hunger grow on people’s faces.  parents with antsy kids looked frustrated.   i am guessing that lulu is always busy for brunch (we arrived shortly after 11) but if felt like the kitchen couldn’t keep up with a full house. they couldn’t push dishes out fast enough.  maybe i am actually a bit old-fashioned, but i was really hoping for a richer selection of breakfast dishes. i know the owner is French, so i was expecting some traditional french breakfast dishes.

Weak Menu Shot

The favorites section in the menu is "my favorite" It has unique dishes that distinguish LuLu's from other places.

Forget the 45 minute wait, we aren't ashamed to sit at the bar. A seat at the bar is like a room with a view. Not only can you watch all activity in the restaurant, you can also see ALL the staff's reactions and mannerisms. It is GREAT!

Meet Rachel, our server. She was truly delightful and always nice. Too bad she didn't have a whip to crack on the kitchen.

Yup - that face is Doug. He was back a few weekends ago for a quick trip. Of course, we ate together. Notice his coffee cup/

So during a trip to the bathroom as I was pacing (waiting for the food), I noticed a brand new bar area that wasn't there before. Wow, very cool place for having a drink or a priivate party. Sorry I didn't take a few pictures (this one isn't that great). I was terrified Doug would eat all my food, so I rushed back.

WOW!!! Doug's burger arrives....I gave him a very hard time when he ordered a burger for breakfast and then he shared a bit of his burger. I about lost my mind! The Lulu Burger ($9.50) is a nice patty of seasoned angus, pimento cheese, fried green tomato, lettuc,e and jalapeno relish on a challah roll was out of this world!!! We both gave it 4 buttons!!! The fries were just as good.

Pimento Cheese Grits arrived with my eggs benedict. Our server said they were absolutely wonderful. The only thing I found wonderful about them was that they were the first dish placed on the counter and we were starving. The texture wasn't good and the pimento flavor was hardly there. Doug had a brilliant idea of dipping my frieds in the grits and hot diggity damn, the fries made the grits good.

I bit into the eggs benedict ($10) - which didn't taste much like anything. I may've screwed it up myself, because I said I didn't want a TON of hollandaise sauce. I also personally like a slightly vinegar taste at the end of my first few bites & I didn't get that. I barely make a dent and look over at Doug.

Doug had forgotten what it is like to be part of a review. Do you see the annoyed look in his eyes? That lasted about a half a second before he bit into his Lulu Burger again . Back to the fires and grits...it is officially noon. The mimosas have started flowing...about 50% of the fries have been eaten. Our work is done here.

It was truly lovely having Doug back.  It is rather sad we didn’t have a GUTastic dining experience together.  Of course, he was please and ordered the right thing.  We both decided the long wait & overall experience weren’t worth doing brunch there again.  We both prefer Jack Beagles much more. However, the burger was truly one-of-a-kind delicious and Doug will definitely order it “to go” in the future.

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