Snapshot for the basis of the 3 button ranking:

Revolution Pizza & Ale House,  3228 North Davidson St., Charlotte, NC 28205 – 704.333.4440  MAP 

menu options – Peppadew Peppers, Finishing Oils including Spicy-Garlic-Truffle-Butter Parmesan oils, KILLER & I MEAN KILLER NUTELLA PIE

quality of food –fresh and delicious

presentation-it looks good every time, maybe a bit skimpy on the toppings

end to end experience/ value and service – Erin is my favorite server at Revolution.  She is super friendly, attentive and always ALWAYS on top of things.  She did a really great job making sure people had beer before they were gone (with 10 people, that is a big job in addition to other tables).

What would have made this a four button?  More consistency in the toppings on the pizza  (I have gaged this across a few visits at this point).  In my mind, the key to a good pizza is a crispy crust, no overkill on the sauce and evenly distributed toppings across slices.  If I had been smart enough to order a finishing oil and requested my pizza well done, I would have given this four buttons.  However, every time I go to Revolution, my pizza tastes different (even if I order the same thing).  I would definitely recommend going to Revolution on Date Night (Tuesdays). For the price, the service and the end-to-end experience, WOW!

Revolution is a local favorite for folks who live in NoDa. Just in case you don’t know what NoDa is – NoDa is now the home to the City’s best collection of galleries and performance venues; some of the funkiest full service restaurants including authentic Cajun cooking, Southwest cuisine, a Creative pizza eatery and more.

Most people don’t like their neighbors or better yet, tolerate them.  I happen to like every single (well almost) one of my neighbors.  We like each other so much that we all go to Revolution on Tuesday nights for the “Date Night” special (2 salads or an appetizer, a large pizza and gelato for $20, yup TWENTY dollars).  Rev also has half price half pints of beer that are fun to order (not to mention delicious). 2 buttons for the food and 1 button for the service (that is how great it was)!

Ryan (yup, the guy from the lobster review) warns everyone that I take sneaky pictures - putting people on edge. He swiftly protected himself with a menu - giving us the most creative money shot yet. Be warned, I shall prevail Ryan. Just wait...

Meet Alex & Martha - they live a few doors down. Martha has NEVER eaten meat in her entire life. I am fascinated by this. Can you imagine NEVER having bacon or steak....or.......? You couldn't ask for better neighbors!

That is better, thanks Ryan and Liz. If you haven't been to Rev before, there is a great place to sit outside with your dogs and eat, there is a nice sized bar and there are booths and tables. Basically, whatever your seating preference is, they have it. We sat at the tables in the center. *Notice we all had ice waters right away? That added props to the service button.

A nice view of Alex posing for a shot with Ryan looking on.

Greek Salad Appetizer arrives quickly & in solid order

Who is this guy? That is Charles (from our 3 Amigos review), he was craving a pizza after his workout, so he stopped by. That is actually a joke, Charles is in his 50's and he works out like an animal. He was ravenous and I caught him at the right time. Luckily he joined us.....

We scarf down salads and are ready to dig into the pizza. We are at a Pizza House afterall.... We ordered prosciutto & mushroom on a white sauced pie. Delicious!

Wait, you want a closer look? Okay...

Liz & Ryan were smart (as usual) - they got half and half. My camera is horrible. Half spinach, peppadew peppers and tomatoes and half tomato/pepperoni. QUICK - skip to the next picture!

Yup - you see the clean pizza plates? If that isn't a sign of a good meal, I don't know what is. Alex & Martha finished their pizza off as well - they had spinach,tomato & peppadew pepper with red sauce. The pictures of their pie didn't turn out (sadly).

All in all, if you are free on a Tuesday night and the idea of cooking sounds horrendous, take a drive to Revolution.  I didn’t get a picture for this review, but the BEST thing at Revolution is their Nutella Pie.  If you are ever in the hood for a gallery crawl or for ANY reason, stop in and get the Nutella Peanut Butter Pie.  It is a one-of-a-kind delicious blend of Nutella peanut butter chocolate goodness on a graham cracker crust.

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