I am lucky to have had my entire family over for brunch on Christmas Day!!! We had a really great time and every lick of food was gone – poor Doug didn’t even get a plate. I spent the morning with Dougle (who has FINALLY returned from working on a film for the last 8 months – hence the dwindling posts).

Christmas Eve morning we shopped at the Sleepy Poet, if you haven’t been there, you need to snap out of it and go explore 55,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles.  They have a little popcorn machine that is always poppin’ fresh popcorn for you – it is great combined with the weirdos shopping, the antiques screaming “look at me, look at me” and the fun people who work there.  There is a little consignment shop attached to it, that I think most people don’t even know is there.  Walk in, get popcorn and turn right just BEFORE, yup BEFORE the popcorn machine and walk down the aisle – entrance to consignment shop is on your left. They date all the items and they get more affordable the longer they sit there.

Doug was uber generous this year and bought me TWO Christmas gifts that I absolutely love (so much that I am sharing them with you even though this has nothing to do with GUTS and food – surprise, surprise).

Zebra Lamp - gut-likey. On the hunt for a zebra noise machine that will scare people who enter the room. Stay tuned.

Heavy one-of-a-kind VASE. Ready and more than willing to accept flowers of any kind (except dead ones) to fill vase with!






























For those of you who enjoyed my post with Doug wearing his white trash T-shirt, then you will likely enjoy his Christmas gift from me this year – which he helped pick out today.  Special thanks to Fitz for modeling.

Tell me I am your Daddy (with a Sugardaddy candy below) - keeping it CLASSY for Doug.

Decided to try new recipe Eggs Benedict Casserole for brunch, took 10 minutes to whip together and sat in the fridge overnight. Super easy and supergood.

Eggs Benedict Casserole in Skillet BEFORE fridge






























Eggs Benedict was scarfed down with Potato Pancakes, Suarez Bakery donut holes and apple fritters for the anti-protein sugar freaks (or in combo with e-bene & tatercakes) Bloody Marys,  Orange Julius con vodka and Eggnog Coffee. Guts were successfully liquefied and stuffed.  Sorry I forgot to take pics of the potato pancakes and other food items.  I was a bit busy.

Fully done Eggs Benedict - yum yum. A few more things could've been added to the recipe to kick it up a notch, such as Lupita Tortilleria salsa or sauteed onions...but hot damn, it was really delicious and super easy.


To you and yours, we wish you a spectacular NEW YEAR!!!  May your GUTs get everything you wish for and more.

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