What were we thinking believing that our New Years Resolutions would actually work? We apologize if you felt a dramatic lack of GUT in your laugh while we have been on vacation, but something tells us you may have been keeping your GUT full without us.  The TIN kitchen beckoned us on a dog walk this evening.  The TIN Kitchen is one of a few deliciously wonderful food trucks that are invading the Charlotte food scene.  Unlike crazy movies with aliens invading and terrifying citizens, Doug and I wish the food trucks would invade our neighborhood more regularly.

For those of you who are not into the Food Truck scene, we get it.  Doug and I have been hunting for food trucks on a regular basis.  The result has always been one of two things: sheer disappointment at the lack of service, amount of time it takes to receive the actual food and the unreliability of the food trucks being where they say they will be OR the food is good but the employees are so full of attitude that we refuse to eat at the truck again.  One such truck vowed to be at a certain place in our neighborhood – we waited over a hour for them to set-up, then left out of frustration and the other time we searched up and down North Davidson for them but they did not appear as promised. The last time we saw them, they did not have the curry dish which made us fall in love with them in the first place.  How fitting that our food truck relationships equate to our personal lives 🙂

Note to food truckers, if you tell us you will be on a corner, you damn well better be there.  If we come hunting for you and can’t find you, we will tell everyone we know (and those we barely know as well) how unreliable you are.

Well, the GutBandit was walking her hound tonight and happily stumbled upon The Tin Kitchen food truck.  It was the highlight of her Monday.

The gentleman running the truck was very VERY friendly (wow, someone who cares about customer service), the menu was delicious, food was reasonably priced and what we got more than surpassed what we paid.  The special of the day was the Mahi Mahi taco (which my neighbor said was THE BEST meal he has had in Charlotte). It was a perfectly (coming from perfectionist Texan yee-haw neighbor Ryan, it was PERFECT) grilled piece of mahi, on a deliciously grilled tortilla with a piccata sauce and crispy anchovies topped with some fresh slaw that was still cool and crispy. The combination of the fish, the piccata and the slaw-chovies was better than anything he got in Texas (I will let you know what he says in response to this, because nothing is better than food in Texas).  He loved the truck so much, he declared he will undoubtedly be back for more any chance he gets (for only 9 bucks).

Other menu options included the gut bandit choice of Thai Shrimp Tacos – tender shrimp simmered in a Coconut Curry Broth topped with a crisp Thai Slaw – side of choice was beans and hot damn those beans were good.  For 8 bucks, you can’t get anything better in Charlotte.  Plus, you don’t have to wait a decade for someone to notice your drinks are gone and you have been begging them for your bill.


Thanks to whoever posted this pic on facebook. This is EXACTLY what our food looked like.

Click here to see the rest of the menu options

If you are lazy on a Monday (or any other day), you want absolutely delicious food and the last thing you want to do is go to the store/cook OR if you just want really DELICIOUSLY FABULOUS food anytime – The Tin Kitchen wins our vote for BEST FOOD TRUCK in Charlotte in 2012.  Our GUT jiggles with love just thinking about you guys.

Until next time (we would like to think we are being mysterious by making you wait for our next review), keep your GUTS out.

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