Devan would always chomp on food throughout meetings during the day at work.  She worked for a consulting firm and would always be  carrying around tupperware containers of food.  Finally, I asked her – where do you keep finding all of this tupperware?  You live in New York – do you cary it with you?

Devan responded yes-she even brings her food through security.  On a recent flight, she had forgotten to take a cucumber out of her bag and put it on the security scanner.  She got pulled aside and got interrogated.

“Miss, do you have a sausage in your purse?”  Devan responded with a “No, it is a cucumber”.  The TSA agent looked at her for a moment, then grabbed the cucumber and cut in front of people in line to run it through the scanner.  In my version of the story, everyone waiting in line should’ve started clapping at the whole incident, but apparently there were just a few snickers from the annoyed people waiting in line.

What I couldn’t understand the most about this entire story, is that Devan still ate the cucumber.  It just blew me away.  It had to have gone nuclear.

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