An old friend and I recently caught up online – we recapped what has happened over the last few months. Β He said he was still with his girlfriend and then told me, “I think you will be okay. Β You will find someone comfortable like I did and then wonder if you should have settled.”

I responded that I never want to settle. Β I would rather be alone than settle for mediocre. Β Life isn’t meant to be mediocre. Β Yes, the reality is that the day to day of life is typically boring. Β Most of us are stuck in jobs that aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, dealing with demons from planets that don’t reproduce humans and the little personal time we do have when we are not working, typically involves stupid things such as killing braincells through excessive drinking or running because we think it will help us escape the reality of the life we are living (which, just in case you were unaware, you can’t run away from the reality of your life. Β i have tried in a marathon, traveling to other countries, living in different parts of the world and new circles of friends, you can run from yourself and it will all still be there).

nobody writes about safe

nobody remembers safe

life should be memorable
life should be extraordinary

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