This isn’t really  a food blog, this is a website dedicated to eating. So if you like eating, consider us your best online friends. It is written by me, the Gut Bandit.   All you have to do is occasionally visit and reap the benefits of my hard work.  I write about anything related to food – going to restaurants, finding really great ingredients, farmers markets -if it is great, we will tell you and if it is bad, we will tell you too.

Who are we?  The Gut Bandit(GB) writes the blog and Doug helps entertain.  We are neighbors, met walking dogs and live in NoDa (Charlotte, NC) and share a love of food which started with a “bring the fridge” night GB invented.  To translate, GB would bring whatever she had in her fridge to Doug’s house and they would make meals together.  From there, many trips to hole-in-the-wall restaurants [usually on the way to antique (junk) shops] followed.

Douglas Barger was born in the mills of Kannapolis, North Carolina. After spending years creating costume designs for film, ballet & theater, he decided to plant roots in NoDa with his WELSH terrier Griffin (who is also a red head with some salt/pepper weaved in). Doug started oil painting over a year ago and is really enjoying it. In between bouts of creativity, he makes really great mickey mouse pancakes & teaches G.Bandit how to make really great recipes (if you want some, just let us know)!

The Gut Bandito


The Gut Bandit was born in a funeral home in Milbank, South Dakota. She works for a not for profit financial services company on a creative digital strategy team.  The Gut Bandito has always enjoyed eating, junking and creative writing. She moved to Charlotte 3 years ago after an eight year stint terrorizing Boston & Cambridge residents.

Cheers to GutCharlotte – 🙂  Let the gutelf revolution begin.

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