You may have noticed the Button Images attached to each review.  Were you wondering what they are?

The buttons represent the number of buttons you will need to hold your pants up after your meal. The best and worst part about loving good food is the GUT that you tend to get.  Here at GUT Charlotte, we rank our food experiences with pant buttons. Button ranks are based on menu options, quality of food, presentation, end to end experience, value and service.  The highest number of buttons possible is four.

 One button means the food and the service experience was worth one cent.

Two buttons = either the food was good and the service was bad or vice versa. If you are wondering which one it was, just ask us. We love questions from anyone who would waste their time reading what we have to say!

Three buttons = food & service was great, but it wasn’t OVERLY amazing. *also may apply to scenarios where it was better the time before, but you will definitely go back again to chase the previous delicious high.

Four buttons = the ULTIMATE, gut fulfilling fantasy. The minute you clean your plate, you want more and you can’t stop telling everyone you meet about your experience.  As you close the door to leave, a tinge of sadness and loss hits your soul. Don’t worry, you will definitely be back.

13 thoughts on “Button Ranking

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