We wanted to spice things up this week in our GUT Finds section.  This area is for us to share little things that tickle our fancy – whether they are great online finds or simple “at home” do-it-yourselfer kinda things.  My brother-in-law is an UNBELIEVABLE chef. I am so lucky that he decided to marry my sister, because I continually reap the benefits.

He went to a bbq this weekend and called me at 8 am Saturday morning to see if I had any whiskey on-hand.  I responded with a “ahem, of course darling”.  My generosity led to the creation of many amazing little bourbon balls (okay, it was a half a cup of whiskey so I am not really generous, but in my world I was!!!).

Nutella bourbon ball with orange zest (and Jameson whiskey)

The Recipe- Lucien added orange zest, nutella and whiskey to make it ultra delicious!

Special thanks to my dear bro-in-law Lucien for saving me the LAST BOURBON BALL!  If anyone tries the recipe, please let us know how it goes.  We will try it ourselves at some point.

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